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Established in 2010 and has been consistently providing Ship Management services to clients worldwide.


Originating in the litle Red Dot, Singapore, well known for its honest and trustworthy approach, the company has endorsed the above two virtues into the basic essence of operations.


Having its humble beginnings in 2010 when the company started managing two product tankers chartered to an Oil Major in the Singapore/Malaysia region. Took over full management of a chemical tanker trading from Far East to Middle East built of stainless steel cargo tanks that was carrying all kinds of harsh chemical cargoes.


Company started managing VLCCs in 2011 and gradually diversified into providing marine crew for FPSOs. Fully managed 6VLCCs trading in Far East to West Africa that were later converted into FPSOs.


2014 saw the expansion further into chemical tankers and off shore vessels management. Two coated chemical tankers and three off shore vessels were taken under full management. 


We are also currently managing two stainless steel chemicals tankers trading worldwide and carrying all kinds of difficult cargoes. These are flagged with Hong Kong and trading with certificates issued by an IACS class.


The management team grew over the period and now boasts of an excellent professional team that encompasses a period of over 200 years cumulatively with a variety of experience across a range of ship types. We have a dedicated team that provides support for cargo & commercial activities as requested by the ship owners.


The company has its own inhouse crewing arm located in Mumbai and provides excellent crew from a large database that emanates out of the team that has a combined experience in manning of more than a hundred years. We provide lumpsum crewing budget after due discussions.


Company strongly believes in service first and goes the extra mile, and the MD & CEO leads directly from the front providing a very professional touch to the relevant activities. The team is understudying him and is going through a steep learning curve. More popularly known an "Trouble Shooter" but has excellent skills in providing definitive marine solutions. 


GOODLIFE and SMARTSAFE are our own properietary methods that dictate and align our HR and safety policies. Successfully implemented across the fleet. We are totally committed not to injure our crew and/or stake holders.


The Safety Management Systems of the company are well baked and have taken a very professional shape over the past years. The systems have gone through revisions and ammendments as required practically over the normal course of ship operations. Company doesnot believes in burdening the systems with excessive documentation and strives to keep the levels manageable and truly relevant.The systems have been vetted by Oil Majors companies and various flags and reputed ROs over the region.


We seek to remain at your service to provide services that suit your requirements and endeavour to remain green at all times.